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Yoni Detox Pearl

Yoni Detox Pearl

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Yoni pearls are all-natural. Our Yoni detox pearls are a holistic approach to restore feminine health and confidence. Yoni detox pearls are formulated with herbs that have powerful cleansing properties that work with the body to break down and expel toxins and promote overall womb and vaginal wellness. These Yoni detox pearls have been used by women for decades throughout the world. Our yoni detox pearls absorbs impurities and toxins from yeast overgrowth, bad bacteria, dead cells, old blood clots, mucus etc.


Regulating menstrual and easing cramps, expel old matter from the vagina and uterus, promote fertility, increase libido, increase vaginal moisture, tone and tighten walls, eliminating odors, yeast infections, BV, endometriosis, hemmorrhoids, PCOS and more.

My vagina is self-cleansing, why do i need yoni pearls?

Yes, the vagina is self cleansing. However, we have so many bad habits the vagina needs to work overtime to keep up. The vagina is trying to work against stress, alcohol we consume, all the sexual and emotional trauma we have racked up over the years, and even the birth control and other medications we take. We may not do it intentionally but we do abuse our vagina. This is why we end up with yeast infections, BV, fibroids, cysts and more. Our yoni detox pearls is an all natural boost known to help these issues.



1.  Wash hands thoroughly before using.

2. Untie cotton thread and pull it straight

3. Insert pearl into applicator. The string should be hanging downward like a tampon

4. Lay on your back or squat in a comfortable position. Open labia softly with one hand the insert yoni pearl into vagina using the applicator.

5. Push yoni pearl with applicator about 7 cm deep. If the position of the pearl is correct, you will not feel the pearl inside vagina.

6. After 24-48 hours, toxins should be absorbed. Pull cotton thread and remove pearl.

7. Clean vagina throughly, the second pearl should be inserted right away followed by the third.



Pro Tip: There should never be any discomfort or pain associated with this use.


Pregnant woman and breast-feeding woman are prohibited.

Do not use during menstrual cycle. It can be used only four days after end of menstrual cycle and 7 days before your menstrual cycle.







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